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Family Fun in Wild Dunes
15th December 2006
Author: Caitlin Moore

History, nature and plentiful activities all come together with perfect balance in a special place just off the coast of South Carolina. The Charleston area is rich with appeal, and a particularly inviting spot, Wild Dunes, serves as one of the most attractive vacation destinations around. Visitors will find themselves overwhelmed with options and privy to an environment that is stimulating yet calming, charming yet undemanding.

Wild Dunes is an extensively layered getaway spot that often attracts travelers from nearby for quick trips as well as long distance vacation seekers in need of a break from reality. Being on the ocean has a way of bringing things down a notch and inspiring lightheartedness to flourish, and when the call of civilization makes itself known (if it ever does) then know that the city is just 20 minutes away. This is the best of both worlds, and lovely worlds they are.

Families love Wild Dunes because there are a number of diversions that everyone will be interested in. Bicycles of all sizes as well as tandems and trailers for the wee ones can be rented by the hour, day or week, so exploring the island in an active way will exhilarate everyone and keep the pace at a speed comfortable for everyone. If the kids are a little older, consider a coastal kayaking tour that will reveal the unique landscape up close. The marsh is a mysterious place, and may likely reveal dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, herons and egrets as you paddle along.

Many more excursions will bring out the adventurer in all of you, so take a family vote when it comes time to decide how to fill each promising day. Sailing, creek fishing, arts and crafts and even a treasure hunt are all possibilities, as are traditional engagements like basketball, swimming and kickball. Everything is set up to promote fun to the utmost degree, so enjoy the chance to watch the family’s mood collectively soar for as many days as you’re here.

Golf fanatics will be thrilled at what they find at Wild Dunes; professionally designed courses oozing with beauty and offering a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the best place in the state to play a game, and shouldn’t be missed if golfing is what you do. Tennis aficionados will be in heaven, as this is considered one of the best tennis facilities in the nation. Lessons, equipment shops, night time playing and top-notch courts will lend your game an air of expertise, though you may just be a casual player.

An array of shops will ensure that all souvenir buying is taken care of, with a few unique boutiques to mix things up. As for dining, the menus range from decadent Italian to traditional, and of course fresh, seafood fare. Mostly casual and all accepting of children, the restaurants of Wild Dunes will sate all appetites and meet all expectations of what an amazing meal should be.

The average summer noontime temperature hovers in the 80’s, and in winter it’s the 60’s. The beaches are clean, the sun usually shines and the southern comfort of Charleston is close enough for a day trip when a dose of history or further shopping and dining are in order. Driving probably won’t be necessary, though, as this vacation will be filled to the brim without requiring you to leave a region that doesn’t span more than a couple of miles. Between lounging on the beach and playing games, there’s enough to do beneath your nose to allow the car keys to be put away for a bit.

This will be especially true if you decide to book a vacation rental. Condos, beach houses and elegant homes a few steps away from the shore can make a good vacation great, and when all the extra amenities and conveniences are taken into account, they can be found for pretty good deals, especially during the “off” season. Spacious rooms, lots of beds, full kitchens and access to all the hotspots make Wild Dunes Vacation Rentals and excellent choice, especially for traveling families.

This well-equipped vacation destination is attractive for many reasons, and as you travel here with your fellow wanderers it’ll be your job to discover each and every one.

Visit to find a vacation rental that will make you feel at home no matter where you choose to travel.

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