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Slip Off to a St. Simons Vacation Rental   by Caitlin Moore

So you've decided to visit St. Simons Island located in warm, sunny, southwest Georgia. Maybe you're a Georgia resident who's never made it down that far, or perhaps you're from somewhere else and just can't shake the feeling that this would be a great place to spend a few days. After the stressful few months you've had, all that really matters is that you end up somewhere with ample beach space and enough time to properly enjoy it. St. Simons, here you come.

When staying in a laid-back spot where your most pressing needs will be eating, sleeping, swimming, and relaxing, it's best to make sure that you reserve a place to stay that will accommodate you and your traveling companions as well as possible. The whole point of this trip is to let go of all anxiety, so don't make the mistake of settling for less than you deserve in the lodging department.

The place you lay your head at night and the walls that you'll be looking at for the duration of your trip have a heavy impact on the overriding mood, so be sure to go for cheery and comfortable rather than cheap and claustrophobic. Do this by checking out the dozens of vacation rentals located on St. Simon's Island, and let your heart tell you which one will bring a smile to the faces of all your companions. Nothing is better than having your expectations exceeded, so do what you can to ensure that when you unlock the door to your home away from home, it'll be cheers instead of jeers.

For instance, large groups would feel comfortable in one of the window-filled, three-story cottages by the sea that is brimming with amenities and big enough for everyone to get out of each other's hair at the end of the day. Spread out, stay up late, sleep in, shower off outside...all of these phrases will become a part of your vocabulary after a few days in your luxury digs, and family spirits will probably be running pretty high.

The kitchen will allow you to keep snacks on hand, so after an intense swimming session in what is essentially your backyard, hunger pangs won't go untreated. Save money by stocking the pantry with a few basic groceries, and only go to restaurants when you're in the mood for something special. Considering that the beach is probably going to be the favorite attraction of the trip, don't be surprised if you end up sticking close to "home" more often than not.

Not that there isn't plenty to do here in St. Simons. Sports lovers will find venues to play golf, tennis, racquetball, basketball, and can ride horses all day if they want to. History buffs will be intrigued by the museums and landmarks that commemorate the influences of Native Americans and the early colonists. A ghost tour will point out all the spooky secrets of this otherwise welcoming isle, and nature lovers will be in heaven as they realize that they have access to marshy plants, exotic animals, and a plethora of birds.

If you're feeling traditional, head to the cinema or the pool, and for a little more adventure, seek out the places where the dolphins like to play. Sit down in the living room for a game of cards, or set up a beach volleyball net and form a couple of teams. The choices will be endless as your vacation flies by, so don't forget to savor every second.

Thanks to the washer and dryer, plentiful closet space, and continuously welcoming environment of your vacation rental, you would feel perfectly comfortable staying here for several days or even several weeks. If your schedule and budget allow for it, go ahead and treat yourself to a true vacation. Enjoy the scenery, enjoy your fellow travelers, and enjoy the feeling of utter relaxation. It's doubtful you'll come to regret taking a few extra days off, so go ahead and do it right this time.

Go online to pick out the St. Simons Island Vacation Rental that will complete the spectacular vision you've formed of your upcoming retreat. The beach is waiting for you to come on down, and your worries are waiting to escape your mind.

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