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Sea World Orlando Is Not To Be Missed
By Rachel Gillespe

Sea World is a major attraction in Orlando, drawing in countless tourists every year. The amusement park is so popular that it remains one of the biggest reasons people visit the city. Anybody heading to Orlando should make a point of visiting this fantastic park. You wonít regret it.

Made famous by such popular animals as the killer whale Shamu, Sea World has the potential to entertain the whole family for many hours. You can catch a variety of different animal shows at the park, and you can take advantage of all sorts of amusement park activities. Shamu the whale canít be missed, of course, but donít forget that there are plenty of other interesting animals that will amaze and excite you and your family.

Another great attraction that Sea World offers is its dolphins. You can jump right in the water and play with these friendly creatures. This type of interaction is not just fun, but also a learning experience, particularly for kids. Dolphins remain one the prime attractions of Sea World, and rightly so. Youíll find hundreds of them within the parkís boundaries, all smiling at you in that special way.

When you go to Sea World, youíll have a chance to check out forms of life you might never have imagined existed. You can offer food to the animals, and even figure out how many teeth sharks have, up close and personal. Better to find that out in the safety of Sea World! Really, Sea World has no parallel in amusement parks. Itís one of a kind.

For further entertainment, youíll find a lighthouse thatís haunted, and a variety of rides that will keep your spirits soaring for hours. Pick up a day pass and enjoy everything you desire. Itís a paradise for both children and adults.

A newcomer to Sea World is a show called `Believe.í Itís a new way to see the magnificent Shamu. Youíll be blown away by the breathtaking beauty and grace of the show. Itís something that cannot be described in words.

The Sea World experience is truly an unforgettable vacation that will offer a little something to everyone. Kids will be in heaven, and the adults accompanying them wonít get bored either; thatís for sure. Thereís everything from wondrous sites to great dining at this amusement park par excellence.

Donít miss Sea World. Itís not possible to describe every single attraction it has, because there are so many great ones. So find out for yourself on your next visit, and see the beautiful creatures of the sea closer than you ever imagined possible.

Rachel Gillespe is a staff writer at and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including

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