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Life In North Carolina   by Alan LeStourgeon

It seems like half the people you talk to lately are either moving to North Carolina or know someone who is. Maybe that's because this state has one of the most comfortable climates of any in the whole nation.

Situated just about half way between New York state and Florida, North Carolina offers everything from beautiful beaches to lush forests to picturesque rolling hills to mountains that will take your breath away. The many different settings in North Carolina make it the perfect destination for just about everyone.

Vacationers and permanent residents are flocking to the state in search of quiet mountain getaways and white sandy beaches of the costal regions and outer banks. With the average summer temperature below 90 degrees, many consider North Carolina weather nearly perfect.

One of the most popular destinations in North Carolina is the city of Asheville. With its rolling landscape and southern charm, it's no wonder George Vanderbilt decided on Asheville to build America's largest private home.

The Biltmore Estate is a huge dwelling with a floor space of more than 175,000 sq ft. and is still owned by the family and operated as a museum today. The Estate is still functioning as a working estate with a dairy farm and winery. The 4th floor of this grand mansion was recently opened to offer its visitors a view of the maid's quarters and an incredible view of the entire estate from the observatory.

Another popular destination is Cherokee and Maggie Valley, the two towns that service The Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the eastern side. These towns are the heart of Indian American culture in the Southeast. While shopping in Cherokee you can experience the days of many years past and what it was like for our native peoples and early settlers of the South.

When it comes to choosing this state for your home, something about North Carolina attracts the person that desires to live in a log cabin. The log cabin building industry is booming in North Carolina as cabins are springing up everywhere in cities such as Maggie Valley, Asheville, Murphy and all along the border with Georgia and South Carolina.

Maggie Valley is one of the more popular places to rent a cabin and just sit back and enjoy God's beautiful creation. It is the place to sit on the porch of your cabin with a cup of coffee, look off into the distant hills and forget about life for a season.

North Carolina also has a rich history, playing an important part in the Civil War as well as being famous for the first airplane flight at Kitty Hawk by the Wright brothers. Spend some time exploring the many Civil War battle fields and get a glimpse of struggle our nation and our people endured during a difficult time in our history.

Many other incredible treasures are waiting to be experienced in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Why not spend an extended vacation or a lifetime in this unique region of the United States?

About the Author

Alan LeStourgeon writes about a variety of topics on his Melbourne and Palm Bay web site where you can get more information about North Carolina and search North Carolina MLS listings for a new home.

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