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Nothing Compares to A Naples Vacation   by Caitlin Moore

The southwest corner of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico is where the Sunshine State really starts to get into the groove; miles of coastline, stunning in its own right, lead down to this picture perfect region that will make you feel that you're far, far away from your regular life. Naples especially does an incredible job of removing you to a whole new state of mind; it's as if the farther south you go, the easier it is to just relax. This beach town has what it takes to show you the best of Florida, so think about pointing yourself in this general direction for a chance to make your escape from the confines of your cubicle.

Calm seas, white sands and a town filled with activities of all kinds are all you could ask for as far as vacations go. Stepping into Naples is like entering a designated "stress-free" realm of constant diversions, but it's delightfully laid-back pace will never pressure you to run yourself ragged. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and the details will take care of themselves.

For example, if right this minute you find yourself itching to feel warm, soft sand between your toes and wish you could hear the sound of the intermittent surf, then plan to spend a big chunk of your time in Naples with a beach towel, your trusty sunglasses, and that novel you've been meaning to read. Naples has ten miles of pristine coastline and nearby areas like Lely Barefoot Beach, Clam Pass Park, and Vanderbilt Beach will all encourage you to lounge and loll to your heart's content. Doing nothing much at all will become the order of the day, and will surely keep you plenty busy.

If you do want to boost your energy levels, plentiful marinas and rental shops will set you up with everything you need to get out on the water. Catamarans, kayaks and fishing gear are readily available to get your motor running. Shelling along Paradise Coast is also something you don't get to do every day, so grab a bucket and keep your eyes to the ground in search of that special souvenir.

In case you didn't know, Naples is right in the middle of the Everglades. This is good news for nature lovers, who will be able to while away several hours oohing and ahhing over the manatees, mangroves, dolphins, bald eagles, alligators and so much more. The barrier islands and the backcountry teem with species of all kind and can be pointed out to you by a guide during an eco-tour or a safari excursion. They're proud of their habitat here, and will do what they can to fill you in on all the wonders of this marshy and magnificent region.

It must be mentioned that golfers will find temptation around every corner. In a place that provides fitting weather to play on any day of the year, you can bet that people want to take advantage of it. There are about 40 lovely choices in the Naples area and several more that aren't too far away, so basically the general passion that Florida displays for this sport isn't in short supply here.

Naples is known for being well-rounded thanks to all of this plus the attention it pays to the arts. Several galleries showcase the work of local creative types, and theatres and festivals further encourage visitors to get to know the more colorful side of this not-just-a-beach town. From glass making to photography, live music to shows, Naples has a vibrant personality to go with its natural beauty.

There's a lot of time and space devoted to shopping here as well, so the various districts and offerings are worth taking note of. Bayfront is an upscale conglomeration of shops and restaurants, and will show shopaholics the way to their bliss. Specialty boutiques mingle with fine dining establishments and standard designer stores, so save some time to ogle the amazing wares if you've saved some room in your suitcase for the return home. Other malls, clubs and eateries as well as the energy of the town alone make Naples worth exploring when you've worked up the energy to shed your swimsuit in favor of real clothes again.

If all of this fits the image you have in your mind as the perfect contrast to the daily grind, then admit to yourself that it's time to take the plunge and come to Naples. Make this an even more successful trip by renting a vacation property instead of booking a hotel room; more space, amenities, and choices will lighten your load and improve your overall outlook, and considering that Naples has hundreds of condos, town homes and beach houses to choose from, you'll surely find one that fits your taste and suits your needs.

Go online to check out the selection of Naples Vacation Rentals, and start mentally preparing to rediscover the relaxed, amiable vacationer that is just waiting to appear once you say goodbye to work and worry.

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