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You can never be bored in Memphis!
by Priscilla Rozee

Seldom are vacation spots built for both elders and kids. It is more likely that the vacation spot either tends to cater to kids or to adults alone; never to both. Some may go to the extent of providing options but such options have rarely satisfied the intended audience. All in all, either the kids end up being dragged along to places of no interest to them or the adults end up spending their vacation traversing from one kiddy vacation spot to another. Boredom indeed!

Memphis, Tennessee, however, is not such a place. In Memphis, there really is plenty to do for both the adults and the children so that both groups will be happy. Whether the family is into rides and parks or prefers to take their fun outdoors for things like hiking, biking and other activities, there is sure to be plenty for everyone to do.

Riding on the River Walk along the mighty Mississippi River is an unforgettable experience. Itís a rare pleasure to follow this major river upstream that you and your kids will cherish for the rest of your lives.

History buffs will absolutely fall in love with the sheer possibilities that a trip to Memphis offers its visitors. The Memphis Belle, the infamous bomber made so by the Hollywood movie of the same name, is on display for all to see when they visit this historic and vibrant city.

And then, of course, there is all the magic and history that is and surrounds the mighty Graceland. Yes, this mansion was indeed made famous by Elvis Presley and has been preserved exactly as it was when the King was still alive. Millions of fans make the pilgrimage to Graceland every year with many taking part in the yearly candlelight vigil held on August 16thóthe anniversary of the King's death.

Heard of a group of ducks taking a ride down the elevator for a feed at the grounds? Thatís the famous Peabody Hotel which has dedicated its roof as a home for these spoilt ducks. This spectacle, which happens around 10 am each day, is a sight to remember for both adults and kids. This hotel is a popular spot for tourists and local big shots that visit the hotel very frequently.

Especially for the children (but conveniently located close to other forms of entertainment that are more suitable to adults), there is Libertyland Amusement Park. The place is renown for its vintage 1909 carousel but visitors also love the midway games, rides, and shows that take place there each night. If the weather does not permit a visit to the park, then consider taking the children to the Children's Museum of Memphis as it offers a host of entertaining and educational activities to keep children entertained.

The list would go on. There is so much about Memphis that it makes one of the rare places that provide something entertaining and exiting to adults and children. In fact the locations are so many that itís worth your while to plan your vacation based on just some of the places or events you would like to cover in this vacation and spare some for the next time. And believe me, there will be a next time!

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