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Vacationing in Lake Travis
By Caitlin Moore

Over the years, Austin has steadily established a fine reputation for itself as a colorful and charmingly hyperactive city where there’s always something to do. A visit to this sophisticated yet laid-back town will surely offer a whole new perspective of Texas, particularly if you decide to take advantage of both the metropolitan area and the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The pride of Central Texas is Lake Travis, which acts as a magnet for fun-loving locals and tourists alike. This expansive body of water located a few miles west of the capital complements the high-spiritedness of the bustling city while providing a great place for hard-working Austinites to engage in some outdoor leisure time. Nothing is more relaxing than spending some time on the water with friends and family, just ask all the suntanned, smiling Lake Travis regulars.

The lake offers boating, waterskiing, fishing, and tubing. Scuba divers and sailors often meet here to improve their skills, and regattas are a regular sight. However, don’t be surprised to see luxurious houseboats or party pontoons floating along the placid surface as revelers enjoy the hot summer day, as many people come here for the sole purpose of having a few laughs as they leave all their cares behind. So whether you’re in the mood for speeding up or slowing down, you’ll find ample opportunities for all things amusing here on Lake Travis.

Plenty of marinas are waiting to supply anything that boaters will need to complete a day on the lake, and the surrounding area is also packed with restaurants and parks. Whether you choose to watch the sun set over Hill Country as you wine and dine or participate in a proper Texas barbeque from the banks of the lake, at the end of the day you’ll certainly be happy that you’ve discovered the secret to living like a Texan.

If you decide to spend some time becoming acquainted with more urban pursuits, head to Austin for a guaranteed good time. Every night dozens of stages will be hosting live music performances, from both local and big-named acts. Festivals, farmer’s markets, and 5Ks are weekly occurrences here in this city that never stops celebrating, and food lovers will either delight or despair upon realizing that it would take a lifetime to visit even half of the tantalizing restaurants available.

Music and film lovers have certainly heard about Austin City Limits and South by Southwest, both of which are nationally recognized events that some of the top creative talents make room for in their calendars. Star sightings, up-and-coming bands, and breakthrough cinematic innovations have put the community in the national spotlight a few times every year. A visit to Austin during these events will prove fast-paced, so prepare for constant sensory stimulation.

From the skyscrapers to the rolling hills, Central Texas is an all-around ideal place to escape for a few days. Lake Travis makes a good home base for your exploration of this region, and there are dozens of vacation rentals that would provide all the amenities you’ll need to ensure an amazing trip. Unpacking your bags in a comfortable home, overlooking the lake of course, will keep you feeling far away from stress but close to anything you might need, be it grocery stores, Mexican restaurants, or a local watering hole that will make you feel like a college student again.

A condo with a Jacuzzi and access to tennis courts will allow you to stay pampered and in-shape, and a home with a boat dock will make going for a spin around the lake as easy as possible. Pets are often welcome to join the fun, and reserving a bigger property might help bring about the harmonious family reunion you’ve been dreaming of. Remember, staying on Lake Travis will mean you’re still an easy distance to Austin, so your biggest problem might be deciding whether to take it easy on the water or drive to town for a night in the “Music Capital of the World.”

If a retreat to Central Texas sounds like it would suit you and your fellow travelers’ tastes and sensibilities, then go online to check out all the Lake Travis Vacation Rental options. You may never have realized that this was such a hot vacation spot, but a few days spent in the heart of Texas will have you seeing things in a whole new way.

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