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Vacationing in Kure Beach, NC

By Caitlin Moore

Kure Beach, located along North Carolinaís southern shore, may not be the attention hog of the beach vacation family, but it is certainly deserving of a little attention. If you seek a getaway that will satisfy you and your companions in a pleasant, quiet, steady way, then think about focusing your energy on this heavenly stretch of sand and surf for your next trip.

Coastal North Carolina is peaceful and inviting; just ask the many travelers who make their way here every year. Thereís something about a place that forbids the structure of tall buildings and sometimes requires the use of off-road vehicles to get to your desired destination. Youíre out in the middle of nowhere, but itís not really nowhere. Itís beachy, breezy, and beautiful; perfect for distracting your mind from its usual worries and conducive to talking and bonding with the ones that are closest to you. Life can move pretty fast sometimes, so it is important to steal a few days a year and devote them to enjoyment and frivolity.

The landscape, almost stark in the way that the houses line the shore and flat lands stretch far into the distance, is also calmly inviting. Kure Beach (pronounced cure-ee, by the way) is largely residential and fits into the category of tranquil, yet it has a few touristy qualities that will show visitors a good time. These include a pier that is perfect for fishing and people watching, several restaurants where youíre sure to find fresh seafood on the menu, and a boardwalk that is made extra friendly thanks to night lights and benches. Taste the life of a beach dweller as you wander the town that is adequately equipped for visitors and charming, yet somehow avoids feeling like a tourist trap.

South of the bustling-in-its-own-way center is the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area and Historic Site, which provides a natural expanse for all the outdoorsy activities youíve been daydreaming about as you sit in your office or survey the concrete parking lots and strip malls that seem to dominate your hometown. Anywhere along the beach, really, youíll be able to swim, scuba dive, windsurf, sail, or water ski. Even going for a walk or jog along the shore or renting a bike and hitting the trail will seem like unearthly delights, as it really has been a while since youíve spent some quality time with Mother Nature.

The ocean is the star of the show when it comes to visiting Kure Beach, so set yourself up in a way that will allow you to truly get what you came for. Do this by renting a vacation home along the beach, a place that will let you sleep, eat, and dream closer to the sea than you ever have before. Let the tides determine your schedule and your bodyís rhythms, and donít go too long without dipping your toes in the salty surf. Let the sounds lull you to sleep at night, and rise knowing that each day will be as beautifully simple as the last.

Also part of your vacation rental experience will be the chance to pretend that you really do live in an uncomplicated world filled with minor adventures, constant leisure time, and hopefully a bit of family togetherness. Raid the game closet and challenge your kids to an old-fashioned favorite, or buy a few groceries and prepare a meal. The barbecue grill and patio will give dinner an extra punch that your usual fare doesnít always attain, so itíll still feel like something special even though youíre cooking for yourselves.

The pleasant scenarios are endless, so whatever youíve been craving that has yet to be discussed has an equal chance of being fulfilled during your Kure Beach holiday. Plan out this deserved trip to ensure that all goes well, and start by perusing the Kure Beach NC Vacation Rentals.

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