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7 Decades of Southern Coastal Cuisine

By Leigh Cort

Oceanfront Dining at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

As the year turns a page in history, The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on St. Simons Island , Georgia is celebrating a Diamond Anniversary as one of America 's legendary gems of hospitality. With its rich southern heritage spanning 75 years of island evolution and advancements, the hotel's distinctive Mediterranean architecture has secured its place in history. The story continues today as a destination of immeasurable riches. The seaside paradise combines pleasure and practicality in a setting heralded by guests since it opened in 1935.

Tracing food in America during the Hotel's varied eras reminds us that foods, cooking, dining and entertaining are a reflection of what's happening in our lives. From the 1940's until today, the King and Prince remembers, reflects and treats its guests to the best of Southern Coastal Cuisine every day. Bon appétit!

~ 1940s ~

The Forties were a time of making do with less.  In the middle of World War II, people all over the world were suffering under war rations and trying to survive.  Victory gardens flourished in most backyards, and people of the coast were lucky in the astonishing array of seafood available to them.  Please enjoy Poached Salmon Louis, inspired by those long bygone gardens and the sea.

~ 1950s ~

In the years after the war, everyone let out a sigh of relief.  Rationing was over, and it was time to party in the Fifties.  Swanky cocktail parties were the rage, and one would think the cuisine of the coastal South was made for just such occasions.   Please enjoy an hors d'oeuvre presentation of our Mini Crabcake with Traditional Remoulade and Shrimp Cake with Chili Lime Cream Sauce.

~ 1960s ~

Julia Childs' The French Chef created an interest in all foods French in the Sixties.  Americans began to fancy themselves gourmets, creating showy, complicated food with just a touch of the exotic.  In the coastal South, this trend blended well ? as most trends do ? with the rich diversity of seafood found just off the shore.  In the spirit of this blending, please enjoy Escargot Wrapped in Flaky, Buttery Puff Pastry .

A lovely day to dine on the oceeanfront lawn at the King & Prince

~ 1970s ~

When the topic of food in the Seventies comes up, the discussion can't get far without someone mentioning fondue.  A fad that has never quite died, many of our Southern specialties taste even better with melted cheese.  In the spirit of fondue and all things involving melted cheese, please enjoy our signature King & Prince Oyster, served on the half shell and topped with jumbo lump crab meat, made complete with a layer of melted Gruyeré.

~ 1980s ~

Nouvelle cuisine - tiny portions of food artfully presented - made a big splash in the Eighties.  While this cuisine may have always left you wanting more, it sure does make our coastal Southern specialties look precious and darlin'.  Please enjoy this ?tiny portion' of our own Creole Florida Black Grouper, topped with a creamy Cajun crab and shrimp sauce on a bed of sautéed spinach.

~ 1990's ~

The Nineties was the fusion decade, when chefs began combining a plethora of newly available international foods in innovative and exciting ways.  But our local chefs were way ahead of the game, incorporating Caribbean and African flavors into our cuisine long before anyone thought to call it ?fusion'.   As a perfect example of this, please enjoy our Southern Jambalaya, made with sautéed chicken, andouille sausage, onions, sweet peppers, and garlic, all stirred into moist white rice.

~ 2000's ~

This century has been a renaissance for those who enjoy the delights of table and hearth.  The whole subject of food and the various ways to prepare it enjoy both a status and a popularity never before seen.  Created in 1951, this New Orleans specialty spread, well,  like wildfire to become an international sensation - perhaps even originating the idea of food as entertainment as realized today.  Still a favorite and recognized as one of the most impressive desserts to come out of the South, please enjoy our Chef's Demonstration of Bananas Foster, presented by our own Robyn Gomez

Chef Robyn Gomez Loves to Cook!

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

201 Arnold Road

St. Simons Island , Georgia 31522

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Specialist at (800) 342-0212

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