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Florida Keys - Key West Florida

Located miles from the Florida mainland and overflowing with flair, personality, and natural beauty, Key West very nearly qualifies as being a world of its own. Famed for its sunsets as well as its open-mindedness, this fun-loving island has more than enough attractive qualities to make it a top choice for your next vacation.

Key West is small, only two by four miles, yet there is such a density of events, sights, and flavors that you’ll need some time to properly take it all in. Start with the basics by enjoying the weather and the scenery. Close proximity to the Gulf Stream means mild tropical temperatures averaging a pleasant 77 degrees annually. Abundant sunshine and salty sea breezes combined with the fact that this lucky little island has never seen frost, ice, or snow makes for a nearly perfect atmosphere for being outside during any season of the more about Key West »

Florida Keys

If you are looking for some of the most beautiful and enjoyable spots in the world, you must cast your net to Florida Keys. This exotic location stretches from the South of the mainland, and in reality Florida Keys is a chain of many enchanting Islands.

Geographically, the Florida Keys consists of five major groups of Islands which are Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys, and Key West. All these areas are collectively known as Key Largo.

If you are game in this adventure, then the journey commences from Miami, which is only a short distance from the city of Key Largo. This city provides a more relaxed atmosphere, and is a welcomed relief away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Florida Keys is just completely different from any one you've ever more about the Florida Keys »

Key West with its rich history and old world influence offers a great experience for travelers looking for that Caribbean flair without the hassles of passports and time-consuming customs.

This tropical paradise offers something to fulfill every whim and because the island is small visitors will never be far from the action. The winter months on the island are some of the nicest. Located along the Gulf Stream and the Gulf of Mexico, Key West has a mild tropical-maritime climate where the temperature, even during the winter is quite lovely providing a much-needed refuge for travelers coming from colder climates. Activities and sightseeing sure to satisfy all interests make Key West a much-desired travel more »

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