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Jekyll Island Vacation Rentals
By Caitlin Moore

Maybe youíre coming here for the history, or maybe youíre just saying youíre coming for the history when really itís the beach that interests you. Either way, youíre coming to Jekyll Island and you want to have a top-notch time. You can do this by bringing along your favorite people, by researching beforehand so as not to miss any fabulous sites, or you can rent a vacation property that will keep you comfortable and well-taken care of. Hopefully youíll be doing all of the above, but the vacation rental would be a great idea, especially if youíve never broken away from the hotel mold before.

Jekyll Island is a place of rich history in addition to luscious scenery; it has brains as well as good looks. Its position as a barrier island caused it to play an important role in Americaís early days as it was fought over by the English and French, and its geographic position made it a landing place for slave ships, which adds a vast and complicated dimension to its identity. Later, Jekyll was where the wealthy members of elite society would go for winter, and the ghosts of their presences remain in the walls of the mansions they left behind.

Thus, ďMillionaire Village,Ē and several museums that explain the path that Jekyll Island has taken make for great sightseeing opportunities, and will help fill you days while youíre here. Many vacation rentals are located in the thick of the action, and as for the ones that are a bit more secluded, bike trails or shuttles will take you to the pulse of the island.

If youíre more of a nature aficionado, basically all youíll have to do is keep your eyes open as you venture around Jekyll. Birds, some exotic and endangered, make this a regular port of call, and guided tours of the marshland will acquaint you with all sorts of marine life in addition to the beaked kind. From the patio of your condo youíll certainly see and hear a bit of wildlife, so take a look through the binoculars and marvel at the beauty of the Atlantic coastline and all its inhabitants.

The beach is of course a main draw, and this is where your vacation rental will come in the handiest. Imagine yourself 100 yards from the ebb and flow of the tides, making sunrise walks and afternoon jogs along the surf easy-to-do activities. Build sandcastles, search for seashells, rent a boat for some deep-sea fishing, or simply grab a towel and go work on your tan. The days could be jam-packed with the beach alone, so bring a few bestsellers along and get ready to really relax.

Your beachside cottage will amaze your traveling companions, who thought that only the richest people could afford a place within a few steps of the sea. Good thing you knew better. Thatís right, lodging doesnít have to be expensive just because itís fabulous, so from now on youíll all be in on the vacation rental secret. Amenities like master bedrooms, sleeper sofas, kitchen appliances and utensils, a grassy lawn, and a barbeque pit may seem invaluable during your long, lazy, luxurious days beneath the Georgia sun, but the price tag for everything will hardly be unreasonable.

In these parts, itís common to be near a heated swimming pool for nighttime dips or daytime lollygagging when the beach seems too far away. Your property may overlook the courtyard that contains the pool, so check up on everyone in your group from time to time without having to trek to another location altogether. When everyone can do their own thing without really splitting up, youíll again be glad that you decided to look into doing something other than a hotel for this vacation. Save money by fixing a meal in the modernly-outfitted kitchen, and then call out the back door for some help in setting the table. Itíll be family time but a little more fun than the usual routine.

So if you think your trip to Jekyll Island would be a little sweeter and smoother with the aid of a vacation rental at your service, then start researching your options today. It wonít be too difficult to pick one out that will satisfy your expectations for your upcoming trip, so jump start your getaway by reserving your Jekyll Island Vacation Rental, and prepare for a good time to be had by all. has a vast array of vacation rentals located all over the world.

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