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Hilton Head Vacations

By Caitlin Moore

Sometimes, when you have an idea in your head of what a vacation should be, you wish you could create the perfect setting by combining the best ingredients of all your past trips, making a sort of jigsaw puzzle of fun memories and pleasant diversions. Rarely does everything come together perfectly, but for a close approximation of an activity-filled and family-friendly getaway that doesnít leave you disappointed, consider Hilton Head Island off the coast of South Carolina.

Its very existence seems to aid in the answering of vacationersí entreaties for a place to go that will serve as an amnesiac, wiping away not just stress but memories of it as well. Perhaps thereís something about leaving the mainland and settling on a 12 mile stretch land that is just too cool to actually attach itself to everyone else. Youíll technically still be in South Carolina, but youíll be in a whole new state of mind.

Just to get it out of the way, Hilton Head is known for great golf. Itís not fair to assume that everyone will be interested in this, but itís worth noting that fantastic golf courses only sprout up in the most beautiful settings, so where there are greens, there will be other things. For the tee timers, remember the names Long Cove Club and Harbour Town and youíll know where to sneak off to as soon as you get the chance.

Youíll want to spend plenty of time enjoying the outdoors here on Hilton Head. For a resort area, itís pretty blessed with natural features that would impress explorers of all kinds. In the wildlife department, youíll have the chance to glimpse otter, mink, deer, and if youíre quiet and lucky enough, bobcats and the endangered loggerhead sea turtle. Dolphins like to play along the shoreline, and tours regularly take curious visitors out to see for themselves these playful swimmers. For such a small place, Hilton Head has its fair share of animal activity, so keep your eyes peeled wherever you go.

Kayaking along the coast or renting a bike might give you a better chance to see such cool sights, and will encourage you to accomplish the ultimate feat of burning calories without even realizing it. Hilton Head has places to work out and work up a sweat, on tennis courts and in gyms, for example, but feel free to ditch the usual exercise routine and stay healthy while having a good time. To really do something new, try your hand at an aquatrike, which will allow you the grin-inducing experience of pedaling across the waves.

There are more than 250 restaurants within the perimeter of Hilton Head, so donít worry about going hungry. Satisfy your fresh seafood deficiency by partaking of lobster, shrimp, and crab every night if you wish, and finish it off with a delicious dessert or a well-deserved nightcap as you watch the sun go down. All in all, youíll never run out of choices in this department.

If youíre bringing the kids along for this one, youíll probably become acquainted with the miniature golf courses, bowling alleys, childrenís museum, and less structured activities like sandcastle building and hunting for seashells. The b-word (bored) wonít dare to be spoken during this trip, and you should be prepared to put every one to bed each night knowing that the day was well spent.

Speaking of going to bed, make sure to place the correct piece into this portion of the vacation jigsaw puzzle, as itís one of the most important ones. There are dozens of vacation rentals on the island, and as weíve established that thereís a lot to do within a fairly small area, itíll work out well to unpack your bags in a spacious condo or bungalow that will afford some privacy without isolating you from anything. No matter which portion of the island you choose to stay, youíll have golf courses, antique shops, beaches, or whatever it is you seek right at your fingertips.

It looks like everything has the potential to come together pretty well on Hilton Head Island. The earlier you start to plan, the better chance youíll have of things really working out in the best possible way, so check out the selection of Hilton Head Vacation Rentals and get ready to complete the puzzle thatís been teasing your brain for so long.

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