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5 Reasons To Visit Stonebriar Mall Frisco Texas   by Steve Moreland

Think a trip to the mall is boring? Think again.

Stonebriar Mall Frisco Texas, formally called Stonebriar Centre might just change your mind. Read on and discover 5 reasons why a visit to Stonebriar Mall Frisco Texas is one exciting experience.

Stonebriar is located in the rapidly-growing Dallas suburb of Frisco, at the northwest corner of Hwy. 121 and Preston Road.

Just one look at the outside and you can tell this place is different. The modern, colorful front fašade beckons you to come in.

So let's go inside and check out the 5 reasons to Visit Stonebriar Mall Frisco Texas:

1 - By any measure, it's big! There is over 1.65 million square feet of shopping space in this three-level super-regional mall. In fact, it's the second largest in Dallas/Fort Worth. So if you like a lot of space to stretch your legs, come to Stonebriar.

2 - Variety. With 207 merchants, at last count, there are tons of stores for every taste. Into Jewelry & Accessories? There are 27 merchants to choose from. There are 17 popular clothing stores for both men & women, plus 20 more that specialize in women's clothing. And don't get me started about children's apparel - 10 stores exclusively for kids.

3 - Fun. Oh yeah! Stonebriar is all about fun. Want to catch the latest flick? AMC Theaters has 24 screens. Think you're the next Ice Skating champ? Then show your stuff at The Ice, an NHL-sized ice skating arena. If you want to eat and play, there's Dave & Buster's. If you're on the younger side, there's a kids play area and a carousel ride.

4 - Food. Lots of it - good, too. With 26 food vendors, there's something for every taste. If you can't find something you like here, I'm guessing you don't eat. Heck, The Cheesecake Factory alone is enough to draw most people to Stonebriar.

5 - Services. Stonebriar Centre offers several services beyond just shopping. At the Customer Service Center, located in the middle of the mall, you can buy gift cards, rent strollers, and obtain wheelchair service. You can even buy lottery tickets and TollTags.

So if you want to have a good time, get your friends and family and head over to Stonebriar Mall Frisco Texas. You definitely won't be sorry.

Here's to a shopping good time,

Bonus Tip: To enhance your shopping experience even more, there are 66 perimeter stores around Stonebriar Mall Frisco Texas, including the wildly popular Sam Moon Trading Co.

About the Author

Steve Moreland ( is the president of The Mall Pages, LLC. Steve has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for 22 years and spends hundreds of hours at the malls each year. The Mall Pages is a comprehensive guide to mall shopping in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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