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See Corpus Christi
By Caitlin Moore

Texas is a big state, but some portions tend to dominate in terms of attracting guests for days of fun, sun, and pure pleasure-seeking. You donít have to be a spring breaker to hit the coast, either, as there are many family-oriented and romantic outlets for all your pent-up, work-induced frustrations. Consider Corpus Christi if you need a chance to unwind, as itís one of Texasí finest playgrounds for people of all ages.

Sometimes the beach just calls out to you from wherever you are, beckoning to be enjoyed as if you had nothing else to do. Thereíll be plenty of time to pay attention to bills and deadlines this year, so treat yourself by forgetting about all things dry in nature and get ready to frolic to your heartís content. Corpus Christi has miles of superb beaches that will allow you to get your fix.

This area is nestled behind the barrier islands of Padre and Mustang, creating a bay that is calm, protected, and scenic. The kids will love to spend an afternoon building sand castles and swimming in the surf, and from beneath your parasol youíll finally get to read the book thatís been gathering dust on your nightstand for the past few months. Pause to scan the horizon every now and then and listen to the laughter of the kids as they make a few memories.

You may be surprised to discover that thereís a lot to do here in addition to lounging on the beach. The Texas State Aquarium is a must-see attraction, as it highlights the local wildlife while emphasizing the importance of conservation and environmental protection. Heritage Park and Cultural Center operates in a 100 year old house and serves as a reminder of Corpus Christiís days gone by, and the USS Lexington will let aircraft lovers ooh and ahh. Donít forget about the Botanical Gardens and the famous Padre Island National Seashore, either, as they will surely make for some great photo-ops.

With an average temperature of 71 degrees and over 255 days of sunshine per year, spending some time outside will be more than enough to put you into a good mood for the duration of your stay. Go bird watching, bicycling, kayaking, parasailing, or anything else that looks like fun. Gambling boats and dog races are available if youíre feeling lucky, and tons of great restaurants will keep your taste buds dancing.

In addition to all of this, there are many special events that are worth noting. You may even want to schedule your trip to coincide with one of them if it really strikes your fancy. Tons of live music and nightlife are an everyday occurrence, but check the schedule for those special tours and festivals that only come along every once in a while. Jazz is big here, and goes well the laid-back atmosphere youíll encounter wherever youíll go.

To make your Corpus Christi vacation gel properly, youíll want to reserve a vacation rental that will keep you comfortable and happy during your nights and for any downtime that does occur during the day. Sunning and sight seeing have been known to bring on a nap attack or two, and being able to fix a quick snack or meal will save you a few bucks. Hotels get the job done just fine, but sometimes having an extra detail like a DVD player or a walk-in closet, makes life a little sweeter. If youíve never treated yourself before, take a look online to see what youíve been missing.

Your Corpus Christi vacation is looking pretty good so far, all it takes is a little more planning and then youíll be sitting pretty on the beach, or on the patio of one of the many fabulous Corpus Christi Vacation Rentals available for savvy travelers like you. has an extensive array of vacation rentals located here and all over the world.

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