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Corolla is The Northern Gem of the Outer Banks
By Caitlin Moore

The Outer Banks of North Carolina have an unmistakable allure; for many people itís not too much of a hassle to get there, and once you arrive you feel a million miles away. Maybe itís the starkly different landscape, the presence of the ocean or the wild ponies, but thereís definitely something magical about this popular vacation destination. For a better understanding of this unique phenomenon, take a closer look at one of the Outer Banksí rising stars; Corolla is the northernmost town in the region and has what it takes to deliver a truly fabulous taste of all things welcoming, relaxing and luxurious.

Ask anyone whoís a seasoned Outer Banks visitor; they donít go there to run themselves ragged with sight seeing or to experience the culture of a new city. Instead, they arrive with duffel bags filled with casual clothes and paperback novels, their loved ones in tow, ready to make a resort experience on their own terms, in their own style, and without ever venturing too far from home base.

If this sounds like your kind of vacation, read on. Corolla (pronounced cor-ahh-lah, by the way) has been called one of the top ten undiscovered beaches in the nation and delivers a particular brand of isolation, splendor and refinement. Touring the area will likely produce a few dropped jaws among real estate addicts, as there are huge mansion-like estates and big beach houses everywhere you look. Perfect for sheltering big groups, even family reunions, many of these properties have just recently been built and still sparkle and shine with newness.

Thatís not to say that thereís no history in Corolla; far from it. Spanish conquistadors landed here in the 1500ís, introducing the horses whose descendents still roam the sandy shores. The red brick lighthouse that stands guard on the beach was built over a hundred years ago, and is the only one in the state that still retains its original structure. Other remnants of seafaring life can be glimpsed at the Visitors Center and the Whalehead Club, a nationally recognized Historic Place. This sprawling private residence, boathouse, foot bridge and park are worth taking a look around if you have any interest in the ways of old time mariners.

As for fun in the sun and on the ocean, hopefully youíll arrive equipped to see and do it all. The conditions along the Outer Banks are perfect for water sports that demand steady winds, like kite boarding and windsurfing, two up-and-coming activities that shouldnít be missed if you have an appetite for adrenaline. Surfing is popular due to the ample breaks and warm water, and sailing allows visitors to enjoy the seascape in all its glory. Thereís even more to float your boat around here, so investigate your options when you arrive.

If you have a desire to cast a rod and reel in the catch of a lifetime, or just dinner, youíve come to the right place. Fishing is a major event here, with boats to take you out, advisors to help you capture a big one, and all the supplies youíll need if you want to do it on your own. From speckled trout to striped bass, croaker to pompano, youíll find several varieties swimming below the surface.

Other than that, your vacation is up to you. Youíll likely find that swimming, sunning, and lounging will easily fill a day, so donít forget to plan ahead to allow for all the other stuff as well. After an initial nap-filled decompression period, youíll be bursting with energy and verve, making this the likely time for all the water sports and exploring that will make your Outer Banks vacation complete.

Actually, what will really make it complete is a vacation rental. The house you choose for you and your group will set the tone for the entire trip, so be sure to pick out a winner. Since itís Corolla weíre talking about, you probably couldnít pick a stinker if you tried, but do go online soon to scrutinize the vast array of Corolla Vacation Rentals available. Youíll be surprised by what you see, and thatís a very good thing.

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