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Good Times To Be Had In Charlotte

By Jonathon Hardcastle

Charlotte, North Carolina boasts some very significant statistics. It is the largest city in the entire state of North Carolina and also the 20th largest city in the entire United States. Charlotte's name is steeped in history due to the fact that it got its namesake from Queen Charlotte, who was a wife of King George the third in England. The name "Charlotte Hornets" was given to the NBA team that resided in Charlotte, which also has a historical significance.

During the Revolutionary War, British invaders of Charlotte were driven out by the fierceness of the city's residents. General Cornwallis, a prominent revolutionary figure, called the city "a hornet's nest of rebellion", which resulted in the moniker of the popular basketball team. In 2002, the Hornets were moved to New Orleans, and a new team was forged for Charlotte.

Dubbed the Charlotte Bobcats, tourists can catch them playing a game at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, built in fall of 2005. Charlotte is also a football fan's delight. The Carolina Panthers are based in Charlotte, and games can be attended at the city's Bank of America stadium.

Charlotte offers extensive accommodations for those who would vacation there. Quaint bed & breakfasts can be found throughout the city, as well as world-class hotels for those who wish to have an elegant experience in the city. One unique thing to do on a trip to Charlotte would be to visit the Mint Museums. There are two: the Mint Museum of Art and the Mint Museum of Craft & Design.

These two attractions feature a range of fine art, giving visitors a unique chance to view some truly classic works. Visitors also often delight over simply walking around Charlotte's historic Fourth Ward district, which features unique architectural works such as "Grand Old Ladies", a type of home that was predominantly built in the 1800s. Downtown Charlotte has everything a bustling city needs: by simply walking the streets, you can see how wonderfully Charlotte is managed.

It is a very clean city with beautiful, towering buildings and numerous outdoor cafes due to the great weather that Charlotte features. The financial district is also of note to those who would like to explore the city; Charlotte's history is steeped in finance, and to this day its influences can be seen. Southern hospitality is definitely in full swing in this city, and there are plenty of things to keep you busy. I highly recommend that everyone should visit Charlotte at least once in their lives.

Jonathon Hardcastle writes articles on many topics including Travel, Golf, and Recreation

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