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Discover True Peace in a Carova Vacation Rental   by Caitlin Moore

Wandering the sandy shores of North Carolina's Outer Banks are packs of magnificent wild mustangs, representing another time and place and embodying the ultimate symbol of freedom. A visit to this region will leave you feeling similarly unfettered, particularly if you decide to make Carova your final destination. The barrier islands are brimming with prime vacation spots, but none of them compare to the untouched, far-flung stretch of beach that exists just beyond reach of the otherwise overpopulated Outer Banks.

If you know this area at all, you're familiar with Highway 12 and the vast number of towns, vacation homes, shops, and restaurants that line it all the way up the coast. If you've gone far enough north, to Corolla to be exact, then you know this highway comes to an end. Most people take this as a sign to stop and turn around, but a few savvy travelers know that to keep on going is to reach vacation heaven.

If you're ready to switch over to four-wheel drive, then forge ahead and feast your eyes on several miles of gorgeous, untrammeled beaches, interesting woodsy terrain filled with obscure wildlife, and dozens of vacation rentals that seem to glow with the pride of existing on this honorable and close-to-hidden area of interest. The sounds of civilization will fade to nothing as you venture forward, so go as far as you need to go to truly leave all your cares and worries behind.

Setting yourself up in a vacation property, be it a king-sized mansion or a quaint cottage, will allow you to soak in the rarified atmosphere of this matchless location. You'll realize that life next to the water really is best, and the hours will last forever as you stroll along the beach with one eye on the surf in case of dolphins, and one on the ground should a sand dollar make its presence known.

Back at the house, everyone will have plenty of room to unpack and unwind without the slightest hint of claustrophobia. Not that everyone will avoid each other; in fact the selection of games, the wide-open living room and kitchen, and the patio hot tub will bring everyone together for plenty of vacation bonding time. Spirits will soar and laughter will certainly fill the rooms of your temporary home away from home.

Imagine a stocked kitchen that will satisfy the diverse hungers and schedules of all your traveling companions. The upper deck will make you feel like you're sailing on a voyage from the vantage point of a mighty ship, and at night the Milky Way will appear like you have never seen it before. Away from the lights of the cities and the bustle of the towns, it really will feel like you're out to sea.

Swimming, surf-fishing, crabbing, and exploring the terrain will keep you as busy as you like. Catching up on your reading, eating, and napping will be just as tempting, however, so go ahead and enjoy yourself during these few precious days away from the drone and drain of everyday life. Stretch out in a beach chair or snuggle up on the couch, the whole point is to recharge your batteries.

The rest of the Outer Banks is of course still accessible. A few minutes' drive will take you down to the major attractions that include shopping, touring the lighthouses, visiting the North Carolina Aquarium, and chartering a boat for some deep-sea fishing. Duck isn't too far away, and is home to many fine restaurants and an eclectic array of shops. In spite of all this, you may end up sticking close to your newly discovered home sweet home, where you'll have plenty of things to do that are of your own design. Create your own schedule (or ignore that you even know the meaning of the word) and do what you want; this is your hard-earned vacation.

The northern shores of the Outer Banks are calling out to you, so tune in to the song of the sea and don't stop when the highway ends. When it comes time for your next trip, kick it up a gear and make your way to a destination unlike any other. Go online to reserve your Carova Vacation Rental, and prepare for an adventure in liberation.

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