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Carova North Carolina

Escape the Crowds and Head to Carova
By Caitlin Moore

As many people have discovered by now, the barrier islands of North Carolina make for a wonderful vacation spot. Unfortunately, crowds and congestion can make traveling to the Outer Banks a little less than ideal, so during peak seasons you might be tempted, though with a heavy heart, to choose a different spot. This doesn’t have to be the case, so listen up for a little secret: Carova Beach, only accessible via a four-wheel drive trek across the sandy terrain, will give you the Outer Banks experience you seek while keeping you away from the mobs of vacationers who don’t know any better.

Carova is named for its close proximity to both Carolina and Virginia, and has been cited as one of the best “undiscovered” beaches in America. A visit here will reveal the landscape of the eastern coast as it was meant to be; untamed, breathtaking, and utterly peaceful. Wild mustangs still roam the sandy dunes, and abundant woods complement the wide open ocean views and blue skies. This area is as appealing as the more populated regions of the barrier islands, if not more so, and invites you to literally venture off the beaten path.

A few activities to consider engaging in while you are here: snorkeling, fishing, boating, jet-skiing, shopping, relaxing, and if you’ve no fear of cliché, taking long walks on the beach. The easiest things to do will be the ones right outside your beach house door, but when you feel like mixing with your fellow humans it’ll require a drive to nearby Corolla or Duck, or a little bit longer to reach Nag’s Head or Manteo. These towns have many great museums, aquariums, restaurants, etc…but don’t be surprised if you end up leaving your SUV parked in the next to your beach bungalow as you fill your days with leisurely pursuits that require little planning. Once you’ve made it up to Carova, it’ll be hard to tear yourself away.

From your privileged vantage point north of the traditional Outer Banks vacation spots, you’ll be able to forget everything that has been dragging you down. Release your cares concerning deadlines, meetings, and computer crashes as you start to breathe a little deeper and sleep much more peacefully. The wide, flat beach is perfect for playing Frisbee, frolicking in the surf, or lying out for a bit of sun tanning.

The sunsets will stop you in your tracks again and again, and the sparse sprinkling of houses, cars, and people will keep you in a continual state of wonderment. This is not the barrier island experience that most people have come to know, and you almost feel guilty for escaping the maddening crowds to claim this quiet expanse of beach all to yourself. Oh well, their loss.

A few miles north you’ll find False Cape State Park and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. These protected areas will invite you to hike and explore to your heart’s content, and allow you to catch a glimpse of some of the endangered wildlife that locals have been trying to take care of. Loggerhead sea turtles, piping plovers, and seabeach amaranths are a few of the species you’ll probably see. Wash woods is another interesting sight, as it consists of clusters of crazy-shaped tree trunks that are the remnants of a long-ago forest. They stick out from the sand like strange sculptures, reminding us all that the landscape, just like life, is ever-changing.

A stint in Carova will be a truly unique experience, so if this is the kind of adventure you seek, head to the barrier islands and keep going north until you almost reach Virginia. The kids will be thrilled at the prospect of off-roading it to reach your final destination, and the lodging options you’ll discover in this remote location will rival any fancy hotel you’ve ever stayed in.

The vacation homes of Carova range from cozy and couple-worthy to huge, spacious, family-reunion style compounds. No matter what kind of travelers make up your group, there’s bound to be something for everyone to take pleasure in. Because the area is indeed out-of-the-way, most places have been designed to make you feel a sense of privacy without having to suffer isolation and boredom. Pools, elegant and easy-to-navigate kitchens, entertainment rooms, and plenty of beds, seating, and linens all make for first-class comfort in this far-off place.

Check into renting a vacation property if a visit to Carova Beach is in your future. Take advantage of this lovely, secluded destination, and be sure to arrange for all aspects of your secret getaway to go smoothly. Go online to pick out the Carova Vacation Rental that best suits your needs, and quietly make your way to this charming and not very well-known corner of the Outer Banks. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone where you’re going.

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