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A Look At Anderson South Carolina   by Morgan Hamilton

Anderson South Carolina is an attractive place to visit, to live in or to go on vacation. It offers high to medium temperature ranges along with very low housing costs. It has a population of just over 2500 people and an average of 18 minutes to work commute. In addition to that there are lots of interesting details that comprise its history. There are facts and trivia of Anderson and the surroundings in the area. The crime rate there is also very low.

As the city was once powered by local water will on the Rocky River, it was the first one in the United States to be proud with uninterrupted electricity. This was the reason for Anderson, South Carolina to be nicknamed The Electric City.

This area was first inhabited by Cherokees and in 1977 it was transferred to a surveyor called Andrew Pickens, with a treaty. The Pendleton region, as it was called back then had two divisions - Anderson and Pickens. The first one called after General Robert Anderson, who was a partner in his surveys of Andrew Pickens whose name was given to the second one.

Due to the fact that Pickens was close to Pendleton people established a township further from Pendleton and closer to the county center. They called the new one Anderson Courthouse. So in fact Anderson, South Carolina started its existence not as a city or a town but as a courthouse.

Nowadays the leading source of income for people in Anderson, South Carolina, is manufacturing and it brings to the citizens, whose average age is 38, an average income of about $28000 per year. On the contrary in the early times of the city the community was primarily into farming - mostly hogs and corn and some textile industry also was featured.

In respect to education there are Anderson University and The Anderson Adult Education Center, three middle schools, ten elementary schools and academies and a pre-school South Fant Early Childhood Center. There are also two high schools there - T. L .Hanna High School and Westside High School, which can altogether, provide an alumni rate of 70% of the 25-year-old and older.

Anderson, South Carolina offers 70% sunshine year-round and temperature does not go higher that 90 degrees. The actual crime rate is as low as 7,8 percent and no one wonders why it was the first perpetually electrified city, no matter that the first battle of the Civil War was there, in the same place where the first Red Spider Lilies were grown in the USA. This very city, being the smallest of the three upcountry area ones in not only the seat of Anderson County but is also dubbed "The Friendliest City in South Carolina" and renowned for its amicability and accessibility.

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Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning properties and real estates. Get more informaton by visiting here Anderson South Carolina

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