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Court of Two Sisters
Story and Photos by Kathleen Walls - American Roads Travel Magazine

One of the fountains in the courtyard

In New Orleans, food is considered a deity and food preparation a mystical experience. To say the least, the art of fine dining has been taken to a new high in the Big Easy. At no place is this more true than at the Court of Two Sisters. Experience one of their Jazz Brunches and you will agree. When you step through the huge double doors leading to the largest restaurant courtyard in New Orleans you are transported to a different realm. It would be so easy to believe you has stepped back to the late 1800s and were visiting the home and notions shop of two aristocratic Creole sisters, Emma and Bertha Camors. With just a bit more imagination, you might feel you had stepped back even farther into the home of Sieur Etienne de Perier, royal governor of colonial Louisiana between 1726 and 1733. In its past lives, the beautiful establishment was both of these. The history of this upscale eatery is impressive but the present day food and service live up to the legendary past.

The huge food boat at Court of Two Sisters

Drop in any day and sample the famous Jazz Buffet. Over 80 items, many unique to New Orleans cuisine, fill the buffet boat. If this isn't enough, you can order special such as their own version of Eggs Benedict that never fails to please. The quality and quantity of the food will guarantee you will linger for a leisurely meal but the icing on the cake is the trio of jazz musicians that add to the ambience.

Whether you dine indoors in one of the three dining rooms or in the courtyard letting the tinkling fountains compete with the soul stirring music, you will know you are in New Orleans. Only here could history, music and food combine into such a perfect package.

For more informtion about The Court of Two Sisters:
613 Royal St. New Orleans, LA 70130
504-522-7261 ~ FAX 504-581-5804

Provided by American Roads Travel Magazine - Visit American Roads Travel Magazine website.

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